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  • Just had this thought! In react, it would be cool if instead of lifting state, i could just pull data from a child component when the parent component wants it. What's the benefit, IDK [🤷]( .. feels the child component can be cleaner and less dependent on the parent.
  • - pretty cool list of ways to exit vim. I'd like to add one more The power button way Shut down the computer - that way you inherently exit vim as well
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Tue Jan 07 2020
  • Playing around with creating svg shapes and animating them. Pretty cool and addictive i must say :D #mandala
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  • When you give the best you have to someone in need, it translates into something much deeper to the receiver. It means they are worthy. <3 amazing writeup on gratitude and how big of a difference it can make.
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  • Quite late to the party, but i must say IntersectionObserver is quite cool :D
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  • Best time of the year in #kathmandu #nepal. Love the #purple madness this time of the year. #jacarendas
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  • Finally excited about a bollywood movie. Kesari’s trailer is impressive. Will get into the history and am curious about the authenticity of the story. Hernai parla yo :D
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Sat Mar 16 2019
  • Attending WordCamp Kathmandu in stealth mode. Pehchaan kaun :D
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Fri Mar 15 2019
  • Had this thought about how sharing is the best way to learn. Those who share what they learn, learn the most. -
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Fri Mar 08 2019
  • I just learned about i3 scratchpad last night and i have the feeling that it is going to change my \*development\* life :D
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  • Found this on facebook, The most ultimate video tutorial ever created, learn C++ in one video 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
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Wed Feb 13 2019
  • #thought Technology is the only tool that can give the third world powers of the first world.
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  • I have a love/hate relationship with feedback. I love it because it is necessary to improve, but I hate it because no matter how much I try, I can't help but take it personally. This has been a nice read -
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Wed Jan 23 2019
  • Did you notice the snow at shivapuri today? #kathmandu
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Sat Jan 19 2019
  • I don't like using @reddit since they introduced infinite scroll. The idea of checking the front page of @reddit used to be a thing. not anymore :(
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Fri Jan 18 2019
Sat Jan 12 2019
  • It seems like “for good this time” was just to make the title clickbaity
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Fri Jan 11 2019
  • Sometimes i fee people get too obsessed with the means that they forget the end theyve been working for. Its sad Think money, life, health.
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Tue Jan 08 2019
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  • All i want for 2019 is to be a little slower. 2018 came and went too fast, didnt realize what just happened.
Thu Dec 27 2018
  • My friends are at #35c3 and here i am in kathmandu doing nothing. Maybe ill check the live stream :D
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Wed Dec 26 2018
  • Kung fu panda always has the best advice. Seen at kings college today.
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Tue Dec 25 2018
  • Found a good use case for (p)react-portals in a personal project. Set it up and realized it doesn't work with server side rendering. Ignored it for now but is there a better way?
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Fri Dec 21 2018
Mon Dec 17 2018
  • OMG! no article has resonated with me as much as this one - -
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  • Getting back my self publishing platform to tweet is amazing. Next stop - enable pictures and save them for myself!!
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  • The toughest part about receiving feedback is to not feel bad after receiving it :/ #toughLife
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  • recent changes the the twitter API sucks! now i need to write text more than a tweet to tell them what i am doing with the API. its twitter, not that i can create a pizza with the API :/
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  • So damn true! i so strongly feel the same. one small step at a time to #takeBackTheWeb @rachelandrew
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  • @youtube doesn't keep changing videos but just alternates between two. Super furstrating at times :/ #isItJustMe ?
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  • The new @mozilla logo is nothing short of amazing! love the "://" :D !
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Tue Jan 17 2017
  • I really like franz, its like a browser for all chat apps :D sweet! moving the web forward.
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Mon Jan 09 2017
Fri Jan 06 2017
  • TIL about box-decoration-break #CSS property. It is such a detail, but so good to have. No more hacks, yay!!!
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  • new post targeted towards event organizers in kathmandu : "Dear Event Organizers"
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Thu Jan 05 2017
  • amazing read. "Disabled folks have always — will always — make use of the world, even when the world doesn’t expect us to."
Tue Jan 03 2017
Mon Jan 02 2017
  • is probably the nicest js/react blog i've read in a while.
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  • #docker #help should multiple applications talk/link to the same mysql container or have a mysql container of their own ?
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  • the basic concept of looks really cool! nice :D
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Sun Jan 01 2017
  • TIL, HTML5 srcset and CSS object-fit ! amazing things to bring perfection to your work!
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Fri Dec 30 2016
  • after fighting with the SANE-driver on osx for hours, i ended up connecting my scanner to the pi, it just worked :D .. happy but frustrated on osx/canon as well.
Mon Dec 26 2016
  • Using docker for personal projects is such a relif, hosting multiple of them on a VPS, yay! restarting, updating them, YAY!
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Sat Dec 24 2016
  • Damn you safari! What if i want to download a zip file and not unzip it!
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Thu Dec 22 2016
Mon Dec 19 2016
  • TIL the US airport can inspect the contents of my laptop, phone and tablets. I feel that is super invasive. is it just me?
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Sun Dec 18 2016
Thu Dec 15 2016
  • kinda new to docker, but i already like docker-compose. sweet tool! Looks like i'm late to the party!
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Wed Dec 14 2016
Mon Dec 12 2016
  • I find a lot of great stuff documented here : ! thanks @adactio
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Sun Dec 11 2016
  • I just published a basic #react app based on my recent learnings: . feel free to have a look, learn and comment.
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  • i have never used git over ssh, over HTTPS is always nice. authentication is also straight forward. ssh is better for deployment settings.
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  • Google web updates is nice to keep up with changes in web and the browser. didn't know it existed
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Fri Dec 09 2016
  • #nibl is the worst bank!! tyaha gayera #netbanking ko password change garauda pani na chalne! OMG! SHIT!!
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Thu Dec 08 2016
  • i like the new clean, kind-of minimal @youtube interface. refreshing!
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Wed Dec 07 2016
Sun Dec 04 2016
  • "I want an Internet of humans." Nice read for the start of the week. #fb
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Wed Nov 30 2016
  • sweet!! #fb
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Mon Nov 28 2016
  • Good morning Monday!! Nature wants you to get to work early today!!! :D
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Sun Nov 27 2016
Fri Nov 25 2016
  • One of the top books of all time on is "Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It" lol haha!!!
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  • looking for your next read? choose one from the top mentioned comments in HN. . cool concept!
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  • my friends who disable the right click on their websites, I sooooo hate you from the bottom of my heart!!
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Thu Nov 24 2016
  • Is it just me or its super annoying that you cannot see the email address of someone in th gmail app.
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Wed Nov 23 2016
  • TIL, set font-size to 16px and iOS safari doesn't zoom into your textbox/textarea #ux #mobie
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